Public Transportation Database System

The public transportation database system stores driving, employee, stop, route and garage information of all kinds of transportation vehicles in the city. Transportation managers can access many personal information of the person using a transportation vehicle using this system. They can also learn the type of vehicle, the number of seats in the vehicle, and the route the vehicle will go.


Source Codes & Test

For source codes and folders of the project Link

To test the project without installing it.

transportationtransportationpassAll permissions
usertestuserpassView permission only

Local Installation

Illustrated installation is available in the report

  • Step-1 We open the xampp application and run the Apache and MySQL local server.
  • Step-2 We open the file location of the xampp application and put our project in the htdocs folder.
  • Step-3 We create our database by entering the “localhost/phpmyadmin” page from our browser, pressing the new button and entering our database name.
  • Step-4 After entering the database we created, we enter the “import” tab. After selecting the sql file of our project from our computer, we complete the import.
  • Step-5 We enter our project file, which we put in the htdocs folder. We open the file “db_connect.php” in any editor.
  • Step-6 We write the name of the database to the “$dbname” variable in the file we open.
  • Step-7 To add new users, you can add new users by entering the user accounts section on our phpmyadmin page. You can add a new user by selecting the user name, password, server address and permissions from the window that opens after pressing the add user button.
  • Step-8 We open our project by typing “localhost/[folder name]” from our browser.
  • Step-9 We log in by entering the username and password of one of the users we have added to our phpmyadmin page.